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Welcome to our archive of all past events, success stories, awards and highlights of Re4m's growth!

Re4m Builds the OFSAA Podiums

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

June 7th 2023 - Re4m builds the OFSAA podiums

Re4m Design and Fabrication demonstrated its expertise and commitment to sustainable practices by constructing the display podiums for the prestigious Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) track and field event. These meticulously crafted podiums not only provided a sturdy and professional platform for the deserving athletes but were also built using eco-friendly materials, showcasing Re4m's dedication to environmental consciousness. As the recycling partner for the event, Re4m facilitated the efficient collection and management of recyclable materials, ensuring that the event adhered to sustainable standards and left a minimal environmental footprint. By seamlessly integrating their sustainable values into the construction and operational aspects of the event, Re4m Design and Fabrication set a commendable example for the sports industry, highlighting the possibility of merging excellence with environmental responsibility.

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