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Re4m Design and Fabrication is the only known recycling design firm in Ottawa. We design and build custom furnishings, fixtures and displays using recycled and rescued materials.

Aside from being an eco-fabricator, we are proud to offer other services while keeping the environment in mind. We love collaborating with other eco-conscious companies as well as participating in sustainable initiatives.  Below are some services that we currently offer. 


Fabrication and Custom Builds

We build custom fixtures, displays, furnishings & products using rescued and recycled materials (wood, plastic, metal, etc.) Re4m's clients find value in the authentic pieces we produce as they truly speak to their brands. By producing these one of a kind pieces, Re4m offers a custom, sustainable design and fabrication service that embodies a unique story within their pieces.


Material Recovery

Re4m takes otherwise thrown out materials (ie. construction site scrap, old museum exhibits, old retail displays, etc.) and turns the materials into unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing items. We offer material collection from business and residential locations dependent on the condition and availability. See our Material Donation Page


Design Consultations

Re4m's diverse team of skilled designers, including graduates in industrial design, fine arts, and woodworking, excels in creating captivating retail displays, unique furnishings, and bespoke pieces to elevate your space. Our expertise extends beyond furniture and industrial design to encompass exceptional graphic and logo design. Led by Heather, our graphic design expert with over 12 years of professional experience, we've crafted logos for Ottawa's Feline Café and Perth's Tay River Health Centre. Whether you need a standout logo for your business sign or display, Re4m is your one-stop solution.


Community Engagement

A growing passion of Heather's is to educate youth and professionals on environmental initiatives in combination with entrepreneurship. She has participated in virtual and in person talks such as Local Talks, Highschool Guest Speaker (Element Highschool, John McCrae H.S, Renfrew Collegiate Institute) Dream Big Renfrew, and Tiny House Festival Perth 2018. Re4m is also the host of the annual Eco Market at our studio in April.

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