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By working with local construction, manufacturing, and retail establishments, Re4m has helped dozens of businesses divert their otherwise landfill bound materials. We collect and revive the materials from their waste streams and repurpose them into new products that typically go back into other local businesses such as signage, displays, reception desks, and furnishings.


  • Old light fixtures

  • Cool vintage things with potential 

  • Hardware (knobs, hinges, rope, chain, etc.)

  • Components from other products 

  • Unique finds 

  • Damaged product with potential  (musical instruments, etc.)


  • Pallets (Limited)

  • Old flooring

  • Lumber (all sizes and dimensions over 36" in length)

  • Plywood (G2S, Birch, Spruce, Standard) *Unfortunately we cannot often reuse OSB (chip board)

  • Rough wood 

  • Old Furniture (*limited - best to check in first)


  • Acrylic (all thicknesses, colour, & condition) * Must be over 12" x 12"

  • Plastic Sheets  (PET, LDPE, Styrene)

  • Tubes 

  • Foam insulation


  • Sheet metal - Thin gauges  (Tin, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, etc.) can be rusty 

  • Piping  (conduit, copper, iron, steel) In all Diameters

  • Wire

  • Usable screws, nails, other hardware

  • Mesh