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Have questions about Re4m?  We are happy to help answer them!

We often get asked questions about our process, products and what it is that makes Re4m such a unique fabrication company. Below are some questions that have been asked by our past customers. If you have a question and it's not listed below, please send us an email to and we would be happy to chat! 

  • Where do your materials come from?
    Re4m works with local construction and renovation companies, plastic manufacturers, electricians, museums, schools, and other businesses to reduce landfill bound resources. We collect scraps and off-cuts of pipe, lumber, old plays or exhibits, metal extrusions, plastic sheets, and much more! Click here to see a list of what we are currently looking for.
  • Do you collect materials from my location?
    Yes! With your permission, we will assess the materials on site and collect materials we find useful. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee removal of all materials.
  • Do you do demolitions?
    No, unfortunately at this time we do not participate in demolitions. We provide limited take away services where the material must already be removed from floors, walls, disassembled, etc. Unsure of if your materials qualify as a take away? Give us a shout at!
  • What is the price to get something made?
    In the case of custom made products, pricing is tailored to each and every project! There are quite a few factors to consider when pricing, for example; the materials used, how long it will take to build something, hardware cost, delivery, finishing time, design time, etc. But don't let that scare you. Often, our clients are surprised at how reasonable it is to get something custom made. To get a quote on your project, please send us an email to with as much information as possible. You can use the points below to guide you! ➡ What's your idea or vision? ➡ Rough dimensions? ➡ Inspiration Photos? ➡ Logos, Branding or custom colours needed? ➡ Project requirements (ie. needs to disassemble, fit in a van, hold a specific weight, etc.)
  • Are custom made items expensive?
    Generally, custom made items are a little more costly than items purchased in "Big Box" stores or Amazon for example. But with that being said, custom made items through Re4m Design and Fabrication are not as costly as you may have in mind! We make a conscious effort to design your project and build it within your budget so we can achieve something you are proud to have that is financially manageable.
  • How can you guarantee quality when working with reclaimed materials?
    Besides reducing waste headed to our landfills, quality is our top priority! We pay very close attention to detail and when scrap materials are collected, we take the time to strip them of harsh finishes, get rid of any unwanted formations or unpleasant odors and revive them. We also guarantee custom products for 6 months, where we will repair, refinish or replace free of charge within that time period. Check out our portfolio here to see the quality of our past work.
  • Do you have a warranty on your work?
    The short answer is yes, we do! We typically provide a 6 month warranty on our projects where we will repair, adjust, or modify free of charge. This does of course assume that the projects became defective without any influence from other factors such as misuse, neglect, improper handling, etc.
  • Because you are using reclaimed materials, will there be imperfections?"
    The short answer is yes, often the materials we get will have screw holes, chips, dents, scratches etc. We clean up the imperfections by filling in holes, polishing, and other methods of revival. In some cases, faint remnants of the imperfections can be seen. With that being said, we build all our projects strategically, which means if there are imperfections in the materials, those materials will be used in areas not seen. From another perspective, many of our customers love the character of the materials! In some cases, they request that the imperfections are even enhanced! It's all really on a case by base basis but in any project, we pay close attantion to detail to make sure its something our clients can be proud of.
  • Do you work on residential projects?
    Although we specialize in business and commercial projects, we would certainly be happy to help you with your upcoming residential project. We have worked on furniture and decor projects in the past and we would be happy to speak with you about your ideas, timelines and requirements. Click here to submit your information for a quote or to schedule a call! You can also visit our portfolio page here to see past residential work. *Please note* We do not work on Kichen Cabinets, Bathrooms, Decks or Larger renovations.
  • I need interior design done, are you able to help?"
    We can most definitely help in terms of providing design consultation services, spatial awareness, work flow analysis, and theme exploration. If you are looking for further work in terms of structural and architectural plans, we unfortunately do not offer those services.
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