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Welcome to our archive of all past events, success stories, awards and highlights of Re4m's growth!

Here For Good - Carleton University Alumni

Heather had an opportunity to be part of Carleton's "Here for Good" campaign in 2018. Below is more information about Carleton's initiative!

'When we talk about Here for Good stories, we mean initiatives and examples that highlight our do-good spirit. We’re talking about examples of Carleton folks exercising their ability to be good and engaged citizens, making an effort to give back to their communities, and making a difference in the lives of individuals and groups.

When you see someone trying to establish positive connections with others to make the world better place—for example, by volunteering at a shelter, organizing a charity basketball tournament, or developing an initiative that aims to make music accessible to all—that’s Here for Good.

When you see someone pursuing knowledge and striving to share that knowledge with others through community outreach—for example, by hosting events to discuss science-related research with the general public, or teaching children about biology and butterflies—that’s Here for Good.

When you see someone trying to help others reach their potential and their economic goals—for example, by partnering with a community group to deliver second-language training to recent immigrants, or pursuing a project that promotes and supports the employment of people with disabilities—that too is Here for Good.'

Below is the sign that Re4m made for Carleton U!

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