Why we do what we do.


We want to make a difference.

Every year, Ontario generates over 12 million tonnes of waste, with approximately 75% of that headed to the landfills. A large portion of this waste stream is produced by food and commercial waste.

Heather, Re4m's (Pronounced Reform) owner and lead fabricator, initially observed an issue with commercial waste when working for a local retailer. At the time, the retailer was tossing old displays into the dumpster. When Heather asked why the displays (which were in good condition, but outdated) were being sent to the bin, the company responded by saying "It was just easier this way". That's when Heather realized there could be an opportunity to reduce the amount of commercial waste headed to Ottawa's landfills. She brought those old displays home and created 8 unique light boxes, becoming the catalyst for what Re4m is today. 


We're all in for Climate Action! 

We are so proud to be a member of Random Acts of Green, a community working towards a Greener future! There's no limit to what we can accomplish together​. Join us in the Random Acts of Green Community and download the free App to learn more!

Our Mission

Re4m Design and Fabrication strives to make a difference in Ottawa's commercial waste sector by alleviating otherwise thrown out materials from local businesses. We work with museums, construction companies, manufacturers, retailers and other establishments to divert commonly thrown out items. We use off-cuts, retired exhibits and many other materials to create authentic and original fixtures, furnishings and displays. You could say we make our own little circular economy!


Businesses We Worked with





Sustainable Products Made





Materials Rescued From the Landfill





Great passion finds great clients

We primarily work with local businesses in industries such as food and hospitality, professional services, events and décor, retail, education and theatre arts. We are so lucky to have worked with these amazing companies serving Ottawa and Ontario;