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Get your brand and your sign designed and made all at the same studio!

We can help you create a unique visual representation of your brand through corporate logos, marketing images, and graphic elements. Our graphic designers are experienced in pulling out the value your company has to offer and interpreting it with authentic visuals.


When we work with you we;

  • Take the time to understand your company and the value it offers

  • Learn about your target market and what drives them

  • Investigate various options to find what suits you best

  • Use our skills to set you apart 


Our Biz Branding package includes:

  • Vector ready files (used typically for rapid prototyping, vinyl applications, embroidery, silk screen, Large scale prints and more)

  • Various file formats (eps, pdf, jpg, png, tiff, ai.)

  • Facebook and Instagram ready profile photo (any additional profile photos can be accommodated) 

  • Favicon for your website

  • No Background png

  • Black and white options


In addition to the branding package: we offer marketing Images and graphic elements such as facebook, instagram, eventbrite, and twitter header images. We also work on website imagery, promotional ads, and other visual content. 

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