Re4m In House Designs - Ottawa

From time to time, Re4m creates something extra special from landfill-bound materials. What comes of it? A super exclusive limited item that goes home with one lucky buyer. Everything we make is made from reclaimed materials, can you tell? 


Sea CAn Workshop

Our first workshop was a shipping container. Are you surprised? Outfitted with electric utilities, a couch, work bench and fold down desk. The perfect first workshop! From the stone patio, to the couch and the workbench, almost everything was made using reclaimed materials.  


We don't always find vintage radios, but when we do....

We see the beauty in discarded products and materials. Why do we need to buy more when everything we need is in front of us? A little imagination and patience can go a long way. Don't have either? Well we know just the people to repurpose landfill-bound materials! 


SOMEtimes we make tiny things

Come visit us at events and you might be able to get your hands on some one-of-a-kind Re4m swag. You can sometimes find us at eco events, trade shows and networking events. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see what we are up to!