N.U.T.S - Gladwin Crescent, Ottawa

Neuron Upgrade and Training Station (N.U.T.S) is where obstacle racing meets fun trivia! At N.U.T.S you run an obstacle course where your mind and body will be challenged. Re4m was so excited to work alongside N.U.T.S to create never-seen-before light-up obstacle components and an authentic seating area. We partnered with A2D electronics to design and produce the electronic components. 


"It has to be awesome"

Sometimes our clients have NO IDEA what they are looking for and that's okay! If you say you want something authentic and awesome, that's what you will get. We research into your company, your needs and your customers to get your ideal concepts.   


Even the Scraps of the scraps get used

That's right! We strive to use all of our scraps, even the ones from past projects. Don't worry! These scraps do not jeopardize the quality of our projects, we use a little T.L.C to reclaim these valuable resources.  


Research & TESTING 

There are often several factors that weigh in on what materials we should use. We take the time to test these materials to make sure they will hold up for your needs. In this case, we had to test different spring types to find which ones would compress and hold their form for individuals aged 8 to 90 years!  The verdict? Bed mattress springs.