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August 9th 2019 - CTV Morning Live Ottawa - “Refurbishing with Re4m” - with host Jasmin Ibrahim


Refurbishing with Re4m!

We had a great opportunity to be a part of CTV Morning Live where we talked about the importance of repurposing, some cool ideas on what to repurpose, and we even made a small wooden craft! Thanks Jasmin for showcasing Re4m Design and Fabrication!

July 11th 2019 - eSax Pitchfest Competition - Placed 1st Overall


Re4m Design + Fabrication Wins 2019 eSax Pitchfest!

Heather Jeffery takes on other local businesses in a pitchfest competition in Ottawa. After a rocky start, Heather redeems herself by speaking from the heart and wins the crowd over with passion, dedication and initiative!

April 11th 2019 - Daytime Ottawa Rogers TV - Earth Day at Mooney’s Bay Hosted by Dylan Black

Heather Jeffery from Re4m Design and Fabrication puts our host through a recycling challenge ahead of this year's Earth Day event at Mooney's Bay.

November 14th 2018 - Carleton University “midweek” Segment on CKCU fm - Jordana Colomby


CKCU Radio Interview Segment

Jordana Colomby, a student at Carleton’s School of Journalism, stopped by the Re4m workshop to check out what we are up to and to spread the word about Re4m! Listen to what Jordana has to say by clicking on the link below! (re4m’s appearance is around 1:03:00)

October 26th 2018 - Carleton University Stories - Dan Rubinstein

Featured in Carleton University stories and on their homepage   www.carleton.ca   Click   HERE   for the full write up!

Featured in Carleton University stories and on their homepage www.carleton.ca Click HERE for the full write up!


Local Community Paper,  Community Voice Ottawa South Article Written by Jordan Haworth  See the newspaper   HERE

Local Community Paper, Community Voice Ottawa South Article Written by Jordan Haworth See the newspaper HERE

August 29th 2018 - Ottawa Matters Midweek Mugging Story - Drew May


Drew May - Ottawa Matters

Midweek Mugging: Re4m owner Heather Jeffery said her goal is to reduce the amount of material going to landfills by creating something useful and unique from it.

Read the Full Article HERE

May 12th 2018 - Ottawa Sun Homes Section Cover Story - Louise Rachlis  

See the Full Article  HERE

See the Full Article HERE

May 10th 2018 - Ottawa Neighbours Business Owner Blog 

Heather re4m edited-Heather re4m edited-0009.jpg

Photography by Marianne Rothbauer

What inspired you to design goods using reclaimed and unwanted materials?

I used to work in the retail industry and I noticed that when retailers didn't want their display units anymore, it was easier for them to throw them out. After observing several stores in the industry over a few months, I saw the abundance of good quality items they were tossing. .............


April 22nd 2018 - Earth Day at Mooney's Bay Re4m Event, Ottawa Citizen


Ashley Fraser / Post Media

Warmer temperatures hit Ottawa Sunday April 22, 2018 and people were out and about enjoying the sunshine at Mooney's Bay Park. Heather Jeffery, the owner of Re4m was the organizer behind a clean up at Mooney's Bay for Earth Day. Jeffery is hopeful to make in an annual event. This year 30-40 people came out Sunday morning and helped clean up the park, collecting about 250 lbs of garbage


April 21st 2018 - Tiny House Festival Perth - Sustainable Talk


Recycling Design for Small Spaces - Heather Jeffery

At the Green Living Tiny House Festival, Heather presented a talk about the importance of reusing materials instead of purchasing new. In many cases, reusing pieces or manipulating them in some way can often lead to more authentic spaces.

There is many eco friendly factors that go hand in hand with reusing as well. CHeck out the presentation at the link below that Heather used at the festival.


April 4th 2018 - Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa with Dylan Black 

Heather Jeffery of Re4m explains how they design and fabricate sustainable furnishings using reclaimed materials, off-cuts and scraps.

March 25th 2018 - Cardboard Sled Derby - Ottawa Citizen 

Ashley Fraser / Post Media

The annual cardboard sled derby took place Sunday March 25, 2018 at Camp Fortune. Competitors created their derby sleds with only cardboard, tape, string, garbage bags, glue and some added decorations to make the event colourful.

Re4m won the Prize for BEST CONSTRUCTED!

See more on the event HERE

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