Where do your materials come from?

Re4m works with local construction and renovation companies, plastic manufacturers, electricians, museums, schools, and other businesses to reduce landfill bound resources. We collect scraps and off-cuts of pipe, lumber, old plays or exhibits, metal extrusions, plastic sheets, and much more! Click here to see a list of what we are currently looking for.

Are you able to come pick up scrap materials from the site? 

Yes! We are fully insured and have the proper safety equipment to visit sites. With your permission, we will assess the materials on site and collect some of the scraps we find useful. Unfortunately we cannot take everything away, only select items. If there is a location designated for useless materials (such as a bin or a dedicated area) that makes it easier for us to know what to take and what not to! Thanks for thinking of an alternative way to dispose of your unwanted materials!  

Do you work on residential projects?

Although we target business owners and commercial spaces, we will certainly do our best to help you with any residential projects you have. We would be happy to speak with you about your project. Click here to submit your information for a quote!

how can you guarAntee quality when using scrap materials?

Besides sticking up for the environment, quality is our top priority! We pay very close attention to detail so when scrap materials are collected, we take the time to strip them down to their natural state. We remove harsh finishes, get rid of any unwanted formations or unpleasant odors and revive them so they are good enough quality to reuse. We also guarantee custom products for 6 months, where we will repair, refinish or replace free of charge within that time period. Check out our portfolio here to see the quality of our past work. 

Do you deliver and install re4m product?

Yes! We would be happy to help you with the installation of your custom made product. The good thing about our installation service is that it's worry free! No need to cross-your-fingers hoping you secured it to your wall properly to later find out it fell and ruined your nice floor. We take care of hardware, the tools, proper installation methods, and we are fully insured to be installing on-site.