Miscellaneous Signage & Products

Whether it's a small or large scale project, we can help you bring your ideas to a reality. We custom design your products with reclaimed materials to match your style, brand or space. Have materials that can be used to make projects? even better! Help us help our planet by creating your project out of your scrap materials.


Residential Projects

Are you looking to get something custom designed and built for your home? Have an idea but can't get it down on paper? Talk to us! It helps to speak to another person to get the creative juices flowing. We would be happy to help!  


Time to spruce up the office?

Whether it's a divider, planter, shelving unit or table, we can make sure it fits! Not only will your space be supporting the environment but it will also look fresh! 


Authentic giveaways

Nothing stands out and leaves a lasting impression like a one-of-a-kind gift made from reclaimed materials. Have something special to you that you can't part with? Maybe we can repurpose it into something new!