It's amazing what we can do with what we already have.

Here at Re4m, all waste, scraps, off-cuts, and other landfill bound materials will be viewed as a resource rather than a burden and then recycled. Our mission is to provide a sustainable alternative to designing your space while diverting waste from Ottawa's landfills. We collect a variety of materials from residential and commercial renos, manufacturer off-cuts, construction sites, handymen, and other commercial businesses. If you are undergoing a project, a business with scrap, a contractor or your just cleaning out your garage, check out the list below for materials and items we are looking for;


  • 2x3's, 2x4's, 2x6's etc. All dimensions of framing lumber with a minimum length of 30" (screws and nails are okay to be in)

  • Plywood that are in pieces larger than 12" x 18", paint, mud covered, screws are okay

  • Hardwood off-cuts from stair building or floor refinishing - pieces larger than 12" x 12" 

  • Miscellaneous wood items (old wood furniture, decorative moldings, wide planks etc.)


  • Acrylic, styrene, polyethylene, pvc plastic sheets larger than 12" x 20" ( any colour and thickness)

  • Plastic tubing in various materials (pvc, acrylic, etc.)

  • Plastic screens and mesh

  • High Density & low density foams


  • Galvanized steel (electrical conduit, brackets, etc.)

  • Metal screens (minimum size 12" x 12")

  • Aluminum extrusions, any size or shape with a length of at least 20"

  • Steel tubing (any diameter, with a minimum length of 20")

* The above list is an example of items that we are willing to take but is subject to change. Re4m must approve of any materials before collection. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we can collect all materials, some may be rejected.