Kichesippi Beer Co. - Ottawa

One of Ottawa's classics, a delicious brew from Kichesippi, makes for a cozy winter's night in or for a refreshing beach day out in Ottawa. If you go to their shop on Campbell avenue, you will see that their bar received a face-lift from yours truly! We simply modified the look of it by adding panels to their already existing bar. You can also find some Kichesippi branded Re4m work at the Stoneface Dolly's in Riverside south. It's amazing what you can do with what you already have!  


Not sure how to make it better?

Do you have a counter or space in your store or at your business that just builds up clutter? Maybe it's something that you would rather not have your clients see everyday?   


There could be a simple solution!

Re4m will come and visit your location and give an obligation free consultation on how to improve the look of your space. Sometimes the solution can be a simple one, rather than getting all new fixtures, use what you already have!  


It's the details that matter

Kichesippi's chalkboards were made with wood sourced from construction site off-cuts. With a little TLC, they are revived and brought back to a nice, rich dark walnut frame.