How does Re4m work?

Simple. We use reclaimed materials from the community to design and build beautiful storefronts, interior furnishings and products

illustrations_first contact.png

STEP 1. Meet & Discuss

We're the lucky ones, we get to meet you! Now is the time for us to listen while you let us in on your ideas. If you don't have any ideas that's okay, we have an excess of ideas just for you! If you need shelving, products, display units, wall art, decor, lighting, furniture, or if you are just looking to get rid of a few things,we have you covered. We will work together on making your vision happen!

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STEP 2. Present designs & estimates

Once we know your needs we will generate an estimate for you with custom designs. The estimate will include the cost and a concept of your final product.  

STEP 3. Discover & identify reclaimed materials in the community

Using local reclaimed material suppliers as well as our talent for finding unique items, we complete a list of materials needed for your project. We explain the material origins so you can see how your products are making a positive impact on our community. Some minor adjustments to the designs and quote are normal at this stage.

illustrations_make products.png

STEP 4. Build & Create

We make your seating, lighting, signs, wall art, products, or whatever you need out of reclaimed materials. We know the techniques and have the skills to manipulate almost any material, so you end up having one-of-a-kind products!

STEP 5. Install / Deliver / Ship

After your product is finished, we will come install your custom designed interior decor to ensure quality remains top priority. If it's smaller sized products, we will ship through UPS or Canada Post to guarantee your items are shipped within 1 week from the dispatch date.