Re4m uses reclaimed materials from the community to design and build beautiful storefronts, interior furnishings and products.

STEP 1. Meet & Discuss

Our job is to listen while you let us in on your ideas. Whether you have one shelf or an entire space to revamp, we are here to help you make your vision happen. We are looking forward to meeting you! Click here to schedule an obligation free meet and greet.

STEP 2. Present designs & estimates

Once we know your overall vision and needs, we will generate an estimate for you with visual feedback. It may take time to source some materials so please allow 1-2 weeks. 

STEP 3. Recover material resources in the community

Here at Re4m, we have a collection of materials such as reclaimed wood, plastic off-cuts, and other scrap building materials in stock. If your project requires something extraordinary, we sustainably source unique items to achieve your vision.

STEP 4. Build & Create

We custom fabricate your seating, lighting, furniture, decor, signage, or whatever you need out of recycled materials. We know the techniques and have the skills to deconstruct and manipulate almost any material, so you end up having one-of-a-kind products! You can see our portfolio Here.

STEP 5. Install / Deliver / Ship

After your product is finished, we will come install / deliver your custom designed products to ensure quality remains top priority*. If you are not a local client, we will ship them either to your door or a location near you. 

*Delivery may be an additional fee.