Happy Goat Coffee Company - Ottawa, ON.

Happy Goat Coffee supports the environment and sustainable development which empowers small farmers and local economies. Our first project with Happy Goat was a collection of cafe tables for their newer Wilbrod location.


SKetch of Concept 

Everytime we start a project, we show proof of concept by providing a quick sketch. This way we are able to visually show our clients what their products could look like which allows them to visualize their space, or how their customers would interact with the new furnishings.  


Its not always easy to design SUSTAINABLY 

Above is the photo of that materials used to build Happy Goat's cafe tables. We work along side local construction companies to collect their unwanted left over scraps o build our projects.  In this case was used lumber and metal conduit pipe.  


Multiple Items? NO problem! 

If you are looking for multiple items for your project, that's no problem! We can accommodate your project, no matter the scale. We are also flexible when it comes to designing a finished product. Want to discuss your next project over coffee? We can come to you! Contact us here.