Custom Displays for Local Businesses

Are you a unique and authentic business that offers one-of-a-kind services or products? Well then - your display should say just that! We custom design and build your display to tailor to your business branding and image. We offer functional and beautiful displays that are well thought out from conception and into execution. If you need your display collapsible, able to fit into your little sedan, custom branded or even a specific colour, that is no problem! Talk with us about your design and we can make your vision happen!


Our materials are sourced from commercial and industrial scraps and off cuts that are otherwise headed to the landfills. We partner with construction companies, museums, schools, manufacturers and other local business to divert their unwanted materials away from our city's landfills. 


If you think your vision is impossible, do not fret! We are skilled problem solvers and tend to have a knack for making things happen. Want to chat about an idea you have been brewing? We would love to talk. Send us a message here

Final Product

Our favourite part about what we do is seeing your reaction to your final product! We will make sure you are fully satisfied and not to worry, our products come with a 3 month guarantee.