Collab Space - Nepean, Ottawa

If you are an entrepreneur or small business, be sure to check out Collab Space! It is a collaborative space where entrepreneurs can go to learn, work, and grow their business. They have an experienced team available to mentor, teach and help grow small businesses in the Ottawa area. We had the pleasure of working on an impressive pallet accent wall for their bar area. Including a back wall cabinet outfitted with plumbing and electrical. Can you believe it is made of 95% recycled materials?! Materials in this project were sourced from an old exhibit at The Museum of Nature, Pallets from Preston Hardware and Herman's Construction Supplies, and other hardware from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.


Dynamic Accents

Although the pallet accent wall is attractive on it's own, adding something as simple as pipes with shelving can really make the space more dynamic. It provides opportunity for displays, and plant shelving.  


Sometimes (most of the time) it's better to GO simple

At first, we were torn - should we try to match the back cabinet to the front of the bar? In many cases, a plain, simple colour can be the better option. It provides contrast and in this case, really adds emphasis to the back wall, which was the focal point in this project.


Custom Countertops

With some of our clients, we like to recommend custom countertops coated with epoxy. The reason for this is that you can achieve a custom colour and texture (the possibilities are endless) with a super durable top. We use Stone Effects countertop Epoxy coat purchased from your local hardware store, canadian tire or Home Depot.